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Beep Beepppp…. by oninot on Flickr.


I feel like if I was Carolina I would ask Neymar to bring me things from foreign countries like “hey junioinho can you bring me some Japanese candy?” And if he says no I’ll just say “after everything i did for you, after all the pain you put me through after what my body did to have your son?”

Sounds like my mama.





Trojan Condoms, 1993


Good advertising is good. Promotes safe sex and their own product!

sassy trojan, damn.  i like




"I have nothing to wear" = “I can’t find the 5 shirts I wear under the piles of clothes I never wear but refuse to get rid of."

Looooool this was me in my 20s. Thank GOD I have grown and learnt to minimize my lifestyle.

"A mathematical formula for happiness:Reality divided by Expectations.There were two ways to be happy:improve your reality or lower your expectations."

- ― Jodi Picoult (via psych-quotes)


Yeah, I gave myself $30 budget for “entertainment” which I use to buy clothes for this damn Arizona heat or treat myself to a good dinner which keeps me sane or save it up to buy something above my $30 mark. The only reason I did that was because my mom told me to. She said you have to spend money on yourself even a little bit, otherwise you will lose your mind. The craziest thing I am going to earn even more, insh’Allah starting next month i.e tomorrow but am I going to see relief? Nope. My other goals budgets are awaiting their share. Shit is real, it’s not even a joke. And Because of the extra money coming in, two goals have been added. Long term goal, I am going to surprise my mom with finishing her house faster and short term goal, surprise my brother with a plane ticket to go visit her since I can’t right now. So yeah every penny is getting squeezed to do everything I possibly can. Did I mention it is so much fun being a grown up? Just AMAZING fun! Lol

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